Desire = Manifestation 

We succumb to whatever we desire most. It would seem obvious, but to many it isn’t. 

At a glance, I would think that if that were the case… I would be a successful novelist, married, a perfect mother, immaculate house, and all the freedom in the world to cultivate an enriching love for life. I would be the softest spirit with the kindest heart. An unending laughter that extended to all of those that needed to hear it.

But my desires have not yielded such greatness. My desires have ingratiated a need for struggle and survival in order to sustain my soul. 

I don’t wish to desire struggle. At this point in my life, I feel like I’ve met that need and am allowed now to desire the before mentioned. It was necessary to realize that my surface desires are not what I will yield. The honesty of my life comes in the form of what I see manifested before me.

I am not yet a novelist, but I am just at the beginning of successful, I’m not married – but I don’t even know if I want to be, my house is a home and for that I am more thankful than for it to be immaculate, and my freedom depends only on me…and I could choose to cultivate a love for life at any time.

So what desires shall I set before me now?


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