Face of Danger

Sometimes things happen that we don’t ever fully understand.

Horrendous. Tragic. Heinous. Obscene. Brutal things.

Sad. Gut-Wrenching moments. Thrown into a Saturday afternoon or a Tuesday morning, just on your way in to work. In the middle of the night, maybe, after a nice dinner and movie. Something terrible, awful, no-good, and sometimes life-altering will happen.

Fight or Flight? Are those the only two options to be had?

Whenever I was 7 years old, and seeing Lion King in the theater for the first time, one scene resonated with me for these past 29 years that I have never shook.

Child Simba stood outside of the hyenas den and smugly said to Nala, “I laugh in the face of danger …. HAHAHAHAHA” – to which the hyenas began their cackle as an echo in return and Simba cowered, realizing that he had never been more wrong in his life. He would have been dead had his father not saved him.

The only time you ever truly laugh in the face of danger is if you have met it before, and truly were unafraid. I know many who can laugh in the face of danger.

There used to be a time in my life that I could too.


I do not anymore. Cackling hyenas prowl around my spirit and unseen forces create a dangerous enough environment for me not to laugh anymore.

I wish that there wasn’t any danger.

Simba grows up to be a strong, wise, and cultured Lion. It is the essence of the movie…and The Circle of Life.

It is in the predator that must prey and the hunt that must be had, causing danger, death, and brutality, which births the strength in both the hunter and the hunted.

You can not walk away from danger without being changed in some way. Refined in character, whether it be disturbed or resilient, there is an altering moment when faced with danger.

And that is all in the hopeful event that the danger is survived at all.




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