Courageous Insignificance

I’m not one to spell it out. Perhaps, that isn’t even true. Is there such thing as a blunt cryptic? A straight-forward gypsy of personalities that continues to master new ways of being disguised in some form – but tight within their characters – it goes unnoticed.

I sit tired and worn out and unsure and confused and shattered, and a quick cigarette and abstract art personality trait quiz tells me my personality portrays: Courage.

I would say so, I guess. Mine wouldn’t have fit to be wise. It also wouldn’t have fit to be kindness. It was fit to be courage.

Who I am or who anybody else is, what the world is, what our lives our, why we live them these ways, under such circumstances and revolutions, opening our minds to possibilities, or stomping our dreams in the dirt because we refuse to believe anything extraordinary will happen…..cryptic questions – cryptic answers.

Few will understand.

It is not the surface, the residuals, the peeled back edges of the problem that keeps you squandered in routine of insignificance. There is something deeper. A pulse. A beat. An expansion of truth – in some form and every form known and unknown. It is vastness. It is infinite. And it has whispered to my soul all through the night.

Souls past, ancestors, spiritual masters, guardian angels, Hope&Joy – bringing with them their children Love&Peace. Holding before me a promise that has been made in this lifetime and the many more before me and after – that there is insignificance in me here.

But there is great significance in me everywhere.



It’s a hard concept to grasp. But if you do – it will mean everything¬†to you.


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