One Day

Now a new study from Columbia University has identified for the first time what’s going on in the brain when anorexics make a decision about what to eat. By using fMRIs, the researchers found that when they decide what food to eat, people with anorexia are engaging a part of the brain that is associated with the habitual control of actions, rather than the part of the brain which is associated with values.

Click here for full article.

This was an interesting article to run across, one that I revel in because it studies the brain instead of the psyche of the disordered.

From 0 to 3 I was bottle-fed all the time, my front baby teeth rotted out, and they were pulled and I did not have front teeth until I was 7 or 8.

When you don’t have front teeth as a child, you can’t eat variety. I also was a sick child. I had heart surgery when I was 6 and was in and out of the hospital until that point. The habit of eating wasn’t a concern – as much as stabilizing my heart and lungs.

Once I lived with my great-grandparents, cereal, soup, and ice cream was what we had at the house. Ofcourse my shape-concious great grandmother had her cottage cheese and cauliflower – but that was not for a child.

Once my great-grandmother developed dementia and alzheimers – and my great grandfather had died, we only ate at:

McDonalds  –  Subway  –  Taco Bell  –  Burger King  –  Braums

We rotated. I did not know she was losing her mind.


Not Values.

It only takes me one day of not eating a proper days worth of food, and I’m back in the cycle of starvation.

One day.

It takes me one day also, to set my stomach back into the habit of feeling hungry.

One day.

These are the decisions we must make.


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