So so me doe

The bird in the tree outside my porch chirps in fours. The same four notes in the same pattern. Pausing in between to let me know that there is purpose in the four. 

So so me doe. 

I hear you bird. I have seen 444 on the clock. Stopped it perfectly without looking on the microwave. And sat behind 4 cars with 444 in their license plate. 

The Angels and Ancient Masters say they are here with me. Us. Making their presence known in my life and gifting their wisdom to me as I lead this extraordinary life. 

The synchronicity is something that can’t be googled. And I understand how extremely important it is that I heed the purpose that they continue to put in front of me.

To find my must. To pursue the unthinkable. To open up my life to being alive. 

So so me doe.

I hear you bird. 


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