You think too much. 

Let it be known to the world what you think when you think it and with a reasonable explanation of why you think it . Some believe that no explanations are needed, but I believe that to be wrong.
Distorted thinking captures the most perfect idea and embeds it into the brain over factual evidence. 

X sees that moving away will solve all of her problems over putting the feelings and needs of her family into account prior to a huge change

X sees that she feels like shit every day because of an incurable disease over pursuing millions of options available to her if she believed they existed and fought for her health

X sees that she is old, fat, ugly, underpaid and overworked, under appreciated and poorly skilled over the handfuls of people who genuinely believe her to be the complete opposite

X sees that she must constantly maintain perfection in order to not be replaced over accepting her value as an individual who deserves her place and then some

X sees a million problems to fix with tons of responsibility on her shoulders over grounding herself in order to build a solid foundation to expand upon

No. I do not think I know it all or think these are solutions. I just see the distorted thinking that is the underlying root so many tear streaked faces. Meeting me in the office, on my porch, over the phone, through a text, and I am no exception. My X is up there too. 

As I move forward I will recognize here that I am struggling greatly with my appetite in order to combat the distortion that it is justified.

I keep waiting to want to eat but it doesn’t come, and selfies are allowing me to see what I refuse to look at in the mirror. Weight will melt away from my upper body at a rapid rate while below my ribs remains the same. 

I will never be twig legs, always just skeleton chest, which is never the look I really wanted to have. 

But I do see it, and am un afraid to determine my will to see the hopeful side. I get a chance to grow again by forging through the distorted thinking. 

Head Held High. 


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